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HyDEX: Hydrogen Development and knowledge Exchange

HyDEX is designed to address a market failure and challenge: How do you rapidly build a new business, industrial and manufacturing sector when very little exists already?

HyDEX will support and foster the creation of a new hydrogen industrial economy in the Midlands. This will be achieved by working with SMEs, established Midlands-based and UK commercial partners, and multinationals to accelerate innovation, build markets and support the required skills transition.

HyDEX is a three-year programme with eight universities which are all associated with the Midlands-based Energy Research Accelerator (ERA). Each partner is making their hydrogen facilities, research capabilities and expertise available to businesses in order to accelerate innovation in hydrogen.

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Upcoming events
Upcoming events

Upcoming events

Connect your Midlands business with opportunities beyond the UK – international markets in countries such as China, Australia and South Korea to build hydrogen commercial opportunities

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