Addressing the hydrogen skills gap

HyDEX works with businesses to find new opportunities

HyDEX is designed to support and foster the creation of a new hydrogen industrial economy in the Midlands. An important aspect of the project is to address the hydrogen skills gap by:

  • Delivering a number of dedicated hydrogen skills components through existing programmes – to broaden the skills which are needed in this emerging sector

  • Collaborating with industry partners to deliver training identified by them, which includes ‘train the trainer’ so that learning can be cascaded more widely

  • Creating or adapting continuing professional development (CPD) programmes linked to existing expertise, for example Centres for Doctoral Training.

The objective of HyDEX is to deliver or signpost to the delivery of skills /training for individuals and businesses. Opportunities will use a variety of learning methods, for example in-person or online and the skills/training will range from introductory level to levels 6/7 (higher education).

What skills are required?

In November 2022 HyDEX undertook a survey with industry partners to discover where organisations believe the hydrogen skills gaps lie. The results are available as a written report and summary presentation. The key points:

  • Technical competencies considered essential are hydrogen storage, hydrogen safety, regulatory knowledge and hydrogen production design.

  • Training needs to include the areas of policy/regulations, system integration, energy modelling tools, climate change and sustainability, future industry growth.

  • Respondents did not value credit bearing courses more highly than CPD and a hybrid learning approach was considered the method most suitable for teaching some topics.

At the same time HyDEX undertook an audit to map the existing hydrogen skills training offered by our academic partners. View the programmes offered by HyDEX partners and an overview of hydrogen skills in these programmes.  Industry partners can provide guides, such as this introduction to hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and refuelling stations (Cenex).

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