Green hydrogen business opportunities in China

By 2025, China will put in place a relatively complete hydrogen energy industry development system, with the innovation capability significantly improved and the core technologies and manufacturing processes basically mastered, according to the plan jointly released by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration.

Annual hydrogen production from renewable energy is expected to reach 100,000 tonnes to 200,000 tonnes to become an important part of new hydrogen energy consumption by 2025 and enable carbon dioxide emission reduction of one million to two million tonnes per year.

By 2030, China is seeking a reasonable and orderly industrial layout and wide use of hydrogen production from renewable energy to offer solid support for the carbon peaking goal.

By 2035, the proportion of hydrogen produced from renewable energy in terminal energy consumption will increase significantly, which will play an important supporting role in the country’s green energy transformation, according to the plan.

Beijing International Hydrogen Centre

Collaboration projects demonstration

Beijing International Hydrogen Centre 

The International Hydrogen Energy Centre is an international hydrogen energy innovation platform jointly initiated by the Beijing Municipal Government, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and Tsinghua Industrial Technology Research Institute, and officially awarded by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

The International Hydrogen Energy Centre will rely on China’s hydrogen energy technology R&D and industrial development to form a hydrogen energy technology and industrial innovation system that integrates basic research, technology research and development, and industrial implementation, breaking through the core bottlenecks in various stages of hydrogen energy industry development, and develop key core technologies, cultivate leading companies, carry out industry application demonstrations, and formulate international common standards to build a highland for global hydrogen energy technology innovation.

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