Developing the hydrogen skills capability in the Midlands

Our vision

Led by Loughborough University, the vision of the HyDEX Skills programme is to develop the skilled workforce needed for a low carbon transition to a hydrogen economy in the region.

This will involve working with educators, industry and civic organisations to identify the skills needs, to create programmes to address skills gaps and to deliver the necessary opportunities to upskill the current and future workforce required for the hydrogen economy.

We are:

  • Coordinating the existing provision across the partnership
  • Working to understand industry’s needs for the hydrogen economy
  • Creating new pathways for development at both technical, graduate and postgraduate levels

“People will be central to building a Hydrogen economy. In HyDEX we will be collaborating widely to put the right programmes in place to deliver the skilled workforce necessary, drawing on expertise from across the partnership.”

Dr Kathryn North

Head of ERA Skills


Explore what HyDEX skills has to offer using the links below. You will find training information, postgraduate and CPD courses from HyDEX partner universities, and information around careers in hydrogen.

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about the HyDEX skills work or discussing the skills needs in your sector, please get in touch.