HyDEX offers a range of opportunities for businesses

We work with businesses to help accelerate the development of new hydrogen products and the transition from declining industrial sectors.

Hydrogen is a rapidly emerging sector, but there has not been an established support structure for businesses, until now. HyDEX offers a range of services for businesses of all sizes, including technological development, demonstration and testing, skills, access to international markets and much more. HyDEX also supports the training and re-skilling of staff and demonstrates the viability of new products.

We are also working closely with the Midlands Engine and have supported the development of the Midlands Engine’s Hydrogen Strategy. The Strategy aims for the Midlands to become a centre for the production storage and supply of hydrogen, as well as a place where hydrogen is used for power and heating, and a region which leads in the use of hydrogen in transport.

HyDEX works with businesses to find new opportunities

International links

In addition, the HyDEX partnership is using its connections to link businesses with growing international markets in order to build commercial opportunities that reach beyond the Midlands and the UK.

We currently have active partnership and opportunities with China, the European Union and South Korea, and you can read about these by following the links below:

Beijing International Hydrogen Centre


South Korea

HyDEX organised an EU Hydrogen Summit in autumn 2022

European Union

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