As part of our work to develop a hydrogen economy within the Midlands region, HyDEX will identify and understand the possible careers related to hydrogen.

We will explore the different levels of experience, skills and qualifications that are required for a career within hydrogen.

This emerging sector has the potential to offer an exciting range of career prospects, and opportunities to learn new skills to enhance your professional development.

Green and hydrogen jobs in the Midlands

To identify the skills needs for a hydrogen-ready workforce, we have recently commissioned a report for Green and Hydrogen Jobs in the Midlands. This report will provide a comprehensive analysis of the extent and most recent trends of these jobs in the Midlands and the corresponding comparisons with the rest of the UK.

We will be using the findings from the report to look at the different pathways for careers in hydrogen.

View the full report Green and Hydrogen Jobs in the Midlands

Green Careers Week

Careers workshops

We are in the early stages of working with schools and colleges to engage with students who are interested in working within the green energy sector and specifically working with hydrogen.

We will keep this page updated as our work progresses.

Career profiles

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