HyDEX successfully delivered its first Hydrogen Winter School, 8-12 January 2024.

The week long event focused on hydrogen-related technologies, applications, and advancements, bringing together academics, industry professionals, researchers, and students interested in the field of hydrogen energy.

Each day included a different set of speakers, who delivered engaging and insightful presentations, covering a variety of topics such as hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and hydrogen utilization in various sectors.

The hydrogen winter school provided a platform for networking and collaboration, allowing attendees to engage with stakeholders from academia and industry, and explore potential research or business opportunities. A highlight throughout the week included site visits and tours of the hydrogen demonstrator facilities at the various HyDEX university partners, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in current hydrogen research and innovation. It was great to see the enthusiasm and dedication of everyone who participated, and the discussions on the future of hydrogen and its potential in addressing our global energy challenges were truly enlightening.

We anticipate the hydrogen school to run again later in the year, given the growing interest in hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy carrier.
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To see the range topics covered during the hydrogen winter school, please view the speaker presentations for each day:

Day 1
Loughborough University

Day 2
Keele University

Day 3
Cranfield University
Day 4
University of Nottingham
Day 5
University of Birmingham
Welcome and Introduction
Dr Kathryn North
History of HyDEPLOY, SEND and HyDEX
Julian Read
Hydrogen research at Cranfield University
Prof. Upul Wijayantha
Water Electrolysis: A route to sustainable hydrogen
Dr James Stevens, Johnson Matthey
(presentation not available)
UK hydrogen strategy and policy work
Faye McAnulla
Battery electrolysers for green hydrogen production
Dr Elizabeth Ashton
Smart Green Hydrogen
Dr Sharon George
HyPER digital twins project (update)
Dr Simon George, Novasci
Changing trains – the past, present and future of hydrogen rail
Charles Calvert, Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions
Fuel cells for transport applications and hydrogen fuel infrastructure
Prof. Robert Steinberger-Wilckens
EDI workshop – creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive hydrogen economy
Dr Lennie Foster
Energy use and experiences in communities
Prof. Zoe Robinson
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it – An introduction to hydrogen metrology”
Dr Paul Holland
EffecTec Group
Hydrogen combustion engines – is it now or never?
Richard Penn, Penn Engineered Solutions Ltd
Water electrolysis
Dr Shangfeng Du
Ammonia as carbon-free hydrogen carrier
Prof. Shanwen Tao (Warwick University)
Green hydrogen: an economists perspective
Niall Haughian
HyWaves Ltd
A summary of HSE hydrogen safety projects
Andrew Garrison, Health and Safety Executive
AmmoGen Project
Dr Artur Majewski
Role of hydrogen in sustainable aviation
Jenny Kavanagh, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd
Solar energy integration using an energy management system
Tolulope Falope, School of Water, Energy and Environment
Cranfield University
Hydrogen production from waste biomass
Dr Miloud Ouadi
Nuclear hydrogen
Allan Simpson, Equilibrion
Developing the “digital twin of a fuel cell”
Dr Ming Zhang, Aston University
Energy management of fuel cells/electrolyser systems
Dr Yousif Al-Sagheer
Green hydrogen: Methods of production and its role in the energy mix
Dr Thomas Delaney
HyWaves Ltd
Ammonia and ammonia/hydrogen mixtures combustion associated with plasma
Zubair Shah
Cranfield University, University of Salento