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H2OPE Group
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Hugo Richardson
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Hydrogen Sector Products

We have patented solutions for the delivery electrolytically produced hydrogen for industrial boilers and other potential applications. Our solutions are modular. Hydrogen production units are placed in sea containers. A 20 foot container can hold over 100 electrolysis units which can produce 1.2MW. We also deliver industrial boiler engineering services, including full installations, servicing, NDTs and remedial work. This also includes water treatment services. This means we can support to full boiler house resources, in addition to hydrogen production. Hydrogen can be applied as a 20% mix with natural gas, without the need of changing the burners within the industrial boilers. The 100% hydrogen solution will require a change of burner.

Key Hydrogen Markets

Food and drink manufacturers, textile manufacturers, essential oil production, farm and pet food manufacturers, laundry businesses, hospitals, prisons and other public sector companies.

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