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Tom Beamish

Hydrogen Sector Products

JCB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction equipment. For equipment with high power demands, and that work in remote locations, such as backhoe loaders and large excavators – batteries are not practical. Batteries would weigh too much, cost too much and there would not be enough time to charge them, even if on-site charging infrastructure was in place.

Engineers at JCB Power Systems, our engine factory in Derbyshire, UK, have developed the first hydrogen motor in our industry. Using and adapting established engine technology with readily available components, hydrogen is combusted and power is delivered in exactly the same way as a diesel engine. And now, our prototype backhoe loader, fitted with this new hydrogen motor, can do everything its diesel-powered equivalent can do. What’s more, the technology is far less complicated than hydrogen fuel-cell technology. Nothing but steam is emitted from the tailpipe. Zero CO2 at point of use. The team is now working hard to develop the technology and implement it in a range of JCB products.

Key Hydrogen Markets

JCB sells over 300 different machines to customers in over 150 countries through its global network of 770 dealers and 2,000 depot locations. Many of these locations such as UK, Germany, France, India and the USA are already developing their own hydrogen strategies and adoption routes – JCB will be ready with hydrogen-powered construction equipment to build the net-zero infrastructure.

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