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Hydrogen Sector Products

Patents, trade marks and IP lawyers

Our experienced patent attorneys have been involved in the drafting or prosecution of hundreds of patent applications in the fuel cell systems and hydrogen storage fields. Our expertise isn’t just technical, however. We’re also very much focused on finding the right ways to maximise the commercial value of your ideas. Our patent attorneys and solicitors will help you create an intellectual property (IP) strategy aligned with both your objectives and business plan.

Our solicitors specialise in drafting and negotiating domestic and multi-jurisdictional agreements. They work with a growing number of clients in the cleantech space and will ensure all the commercial arrangements you need to put your business plan into effect are in place.

And, if your position or IP is challenged, our experienced litigators will guide you through the process within the UK, Europe and, if required, internationally.

Meanwhile, our trade mark attorneys will protect your brand and alert you to any unauthorised or unwelcome attention from your competitors.

Our multi-disciplinary team works together seamlessly. Our patent attorneys and IP solicitors will provide the range of IP and legal support you need to progress and create the highest level of value from your hydrogen-based innovation.

Key Hydrogen Markets

In the hydrogen sector, we have experience working with gas flow component manufacturers, solid state hydrogen storage developers, fuel cell innovators, fuel cell system integrators, and materials engineers focussed on hydrogen applications. We offer specialist advice for start-ups and SMEs looking to protect and capitalise from their intellectual property, particularly focussed on companies seeking to grow through innovation.

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