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Ben Clarke

Hydrogen Sector Products

WSP is working in the UK and globally to reduce CO2 emissions and deliver low-carbon solutions for our clients.

We are playing a key role in the world’s energy future: applying global expertise to local projects, developing low-carbon hydrogen production, localised hydrogen generation and distribution networks.

The breadth of our consultancy and design experience enables us to advise throughout the design lives of our client projects. Whether for an electrolysis or a SMR hydrogen plant, we can offer a whole-energy-system approach, across the hydrogen economy. We also work with local and national governments, banks and financial institutions in order to assist with the much-needed financial backing required to make these projects a reality.

Key Hydrogen Markets

Our clients can benefit from our:

– Experience in carbon capture use and storage (essential in producing from methane)
– Extensive experience in natural gas distribution, transmission and storage – applying this experience to hydrogen in the UK and globally
– Decades spent working with the UK gas network operators
– Membership of the Advisory Board of the Decarbonised Gas Alliance, which advocates for hydrogen and other decarbonised gas technologies

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