Loughborough University boasts a host of original research and development capabilities including:

■ Sustainable production of green hydrogen from water and seawater electrolysis using renewable energy
■ PEM and alkaline AEM electrolysers and fuel cells
■ Solid Oxide and Proton-conducting Ceramic fuel cells and electrolysers
■ Metal-air batteries, lithium-ion and hybrid batteries, redox flow batteries
■ Photo-electrochemical hydrogen production
■ Biomass conversion to hydrogen
■ CO2 conversion to high-value platform molecules and liquid fuels
■ Catalytic ozone and hydrogen co-production from water splitting for water treatment
■ Advanced oxidation technologies with green hydrogen as by-product.

Loughborough University also has comprehensive electrochemical testing facility; catalyst, electrode and reactor design and testing capability; in-situ FTIR spectroscopy, DFT calculations and multiscale modelling capability (expertise and facility).


Professor Wen-Feng Lin, FRSC
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director of Research
Department of Chemical Engineering
School of AACME
Loughborough University
Leicestershire, LE11 3TU
Telephone: +44 (0)1509 222 506
Email: w.lin@lboro.ac.uk
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