Green Hydrogen Demonstrator

The Green Hydrogen Demonstrator is demonstrating a hybrid green hydrogen technology which can deliver 90% efficiency. Hydrogen and hydrogen-based, low-carbon liquid fuels, such as ammonia, are essential for the UK to reach net zero greenhouse gases by 2050.

Hydrogen production will need to increase significantly to accommodate the UK’s newly energy strategy. Warwick University is investigating how the UK could increase its use of hydrogen and alternative liquid fuels in an effort to develop the low-carbon economy.

The team is focusing on research to tackle the challenges of using hydrogen and low-carbon liquid fuels such as ammonia as the key energy vectors to help decarbonise transport, electricity generation and domestic and industrial heating, to develop low-carbon economy.

The University of Warwick team brings together expertise in hydrogen production (electrolysers), hydrogen end use (fuel cells) and ammonia related technologies (ammonia synthesis and cracking catalysts, ammonia electrolysers and fuel cells).

How can it help businesses?

It can be integrated into suitable applications to meet their business specifications. This will be of help to energy providers, engineering and technology solution providers, engineering equipment manufacturers, and energy users such as manufacturing and transport.

We have been working with a range of companies involved in hydrogen production, including Clean Hydrogen Ltd, Green Gas Catalysts Ltd, Fluor, Green Fuels and others.

What’s on offer?

Technical advice for highly efficient green hydrogen solutions, process scale-up.


Professor Sai Gu
Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (China)
Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Warwick

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