HyDEX is pleased to fund a total of four places on the following hydrogen short courses being delivered at Cranfield University. We would like to offer this to current research students and postdoctoral researchers.

Hydrogen for Civil Aviation – H2 in the Aircraft
6th – 10th November 2023

This course will provide a detailed overview of H2 and LH2 technologies for a hydrogen-fuelled aircraft. This will include an overview of the fundamental properties of gaseous and liquid hydrogen and the implications on materials, manufacturing and safety for aircraft applications.

Find out more about this course: Hydrogen for civil aviation short course

Hydrogen: fundamentals and materials challenges
20th – 22nd  November 2023

The course focuses on understanding the fundamental principles and testing methodologies for material challenges faced by all potential components of the hydrogen supply chain: production, storage & distribution and use.

Find out more about this course:
Hydrogen fundamentals and materials challenges short course

Airplane takeoff
Pipe fittings

Applications for sponsorship are now open with a closing date of 16th October 2023.

We welcome applicants from all sections of the community regardless of age, sex, gender (or gender identity), ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and transgender status. We would encourage applicants from under-represented groups in particular.

Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions before submitting an application.