Hydrogen fuel cells represent a game-changing technology in the pursuit of clean, sustainable energy. As the world seeks alternatives to fossil fuels, hydrogen emerges as a versatile and environmentally friendly solution. From transportation to stationary power generation, hydrogen fuel cells hold the key to a greener, more sustainable future.

The CPD modules will provide participants with an understanding of hydrogen fuel cell technology, its applications, and its implications for various industries.

  • A selection of half modules from the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies Masters programme at University of Birmingham

  • Demonstrating the exciting future promise of hydrogen, fuel cells and their applications in a zero-emission world

  • Examining challenges at the forefront of fuel cell technologies as part of commercialisation and further advancement

  • Gain insight to the largest academic research community in fuel cell technology in UK

  • High quality asynchronous teaching videos created by leading academics in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen technology

Modules Description
Hydrogen and Hydrogen based Fuels The module will cover the production and storage of hydrogen as a fuel for fuel cells and for decarbonising industry and the overall energy system
Fuel Cell Technology This module will cover the science behind fuel cells technology which converts chemical energy (fuels) into electricity and heat at very high efficiencies.
Hydrogen Safety This module will supply the basic knowledge necessary in assessing risks from operating fuel cell and/or hydrogen systems. Students will understand effects and learn how to mitigate and manage risks.
Fuel Cell Systems The module will supply the principle and technical knowledge necessary to integrate fuel cell stacks into fully functional systems, mainly covering details of the Balance of Plant and integration and packaging issues.
University of Birmingham
Registrations close 20 July 2024

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