Celebrating the Success of the Hydrogen Festival 2024!

We are delighted to share with you details of the successful Hydrogen Researcher Festival held at Loughborough university on 4th July.

It was a great day, bringing together the brightest minds in hydrogen technology, and offering a platform for researchers, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to share their insights, discoveries, and visions for a hydrogen-powered future.

The event organised by HyDEX and C-DICE, generated lots of interest, and we hope to schedule another date for next year.

Highlights from the Festival
  • Inspiring Keynotes: Esteemed speakers shared insights on the future of hydrogen technology and its role in achieving a sustainable energy landscape.

  • Exhibits and Posters: Careers and networking exhibition fair and poster gallery. Exhibitors including Intelligent Energy, Cadent, Bohr Ltd, Modular Clinton Global, Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM)

  • Technical talks and Panel Discussions: Thought-provoking conversations on the latest trends and challenges in the field.

  • Networking Opportunities: Researchers and industry professionals making connections and sparking new collaborations and partnerships.

  • Interactive Workshops: Sessions looking at commercialisation of research, and principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in research design and practice.

  • Demonstrations and hydrogen facilities tours: Hands-on sessions including digital twin VR demo, Hydrogen fuel cell cars science kits, power trader game. Attendees also visited the Loughborough University hydrogen facilities.

Speaker Presentations
Keynotes Technical Talks Workshops
Dr Jonathan Wilson
Loughborough University
Realising Hydrogen Technologies
Dr Madasamy Thangamuthu – University of Nottingham
Hydrogen production using metal waste electrodes
Dr Lennie Foster
EDI in Research
Dr Katy Milne
High Value Manufacturing Catapult
The UK Hydrogen Innovation Opportunity
Dr Stefano Valvano – University of Derby
Advanced solutions for hydrogen zero emission fuel
Community Engine Enterprise
Commercialisation of Research
Dr Siqi Wang –  Cranfield University
Catalysts for ammonia combustion
Dr Tongtong Zhang – University of Birmingham
Hydrogen liquefaction and storage – recent progress and
Picture Gallery